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Noraini Ahmad urges companies and civil society groups to support the Higher Education Ministry to make the [email protected] Keluarga Malaysia 2.0 initiative a success. – The Malaysian Insight pic by Afif Abd Halim, July 5, 2022.

THE Higher Education Ministry has decided to continue the [email protected] Keluarga Malaysia free food voucher initiative for B40 students at universities to blunt the impact of rising food costs on students.

Its minister, Noraini Ahmad, said Yayasan Kebajikan Siswa Keluarga Malaysia (YKS) has agreed to contribute RM1 million towards the [email protected] Keluarga Malaysia 2.0 programme. 

“I have high hopes that [email protected] Keluarga Malaysia 2.0 will continue to champion the welfare of students in reducing their daily expenses,” she said at the launch of [email protected] Keluarga Malaysia 2.0 in Putrajaya today.

“The initiative will indirectly enable students to focus on their studies without worrying about their survival.”

The initiative began last year under the Keluarga Malaysia Aspiration programme.




Under the initiative, more than 470,000 free food vouchers were given to over 94,000 B40 students at all universities through an injection of funds totalling RM7,056,660, RM1 million of which was donated by YKS.

YKS was launched on October 29 last year by Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob, who is the foundation’s patron, and aims to manage the integrated welfare and channelling of aid as well as strengthen the role and capabilities of the National Student Consultative Council.

For the first half of this year till June, Noraini said more than 369,000 food vouchers were distributed for the benefit of more than 176,000 public university students.

“The implementation was supported through internal allocation sources totalling RM5.5 million from wakaf and zakat contributions along with donations from individuals and welfare agencies,” she said.

She also urged companies and civil society groups to support the ministry to make the [email protected] Keluarga Malaysia 2.0 initiative a success and help it expand and reach more students in need. – Bernama, July 5, 2022.


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